My Dreams -Part 2

Dinosaur moments 🦖 (3/21/22)

It’s was mid day at [my middle school]. I was running around and shooting children with a water gun. I stumble upon [a boy from my class] leaning on the side of the middle school classroom and ask, “what are you doing here?” He quietly responds, “This isn’t an RPG, it’s real life. There’s dinosaurs.” I look up at the elementary classroom and find a huge T-Rex sitting on some bleachers, minding its own business. I shoot it (with a real gun). The T-Rex begins chasing me through the school as I run backwards, firing at it with all the skill I’ve got, which isn’t much. I suddenly fall into a swimming pool and begin swim practice. I suppose the T-Rex can’t swim, because it won’t follow me into the pool. I keep swimming for about 3 minutes, until I look up and see the big field by the pool shifting strangely. I stop and get out to take a closer look, only to find that the field is actually another dinosaur. It opens its mouth and tries to bite me, but I manage to avoid it somehow. It keeps moving around and shifting so I lose my balance, and roll everywhere like a dummy. Every time I get close to its mouth, I bounce in the other direction. It’s basically taunting me with death every few seconds, and that’s where the dream ends.

My Dreams -Part 1

New house (9/29/21)

It was sunset and my mother and I decided to go on a walk before it got dark. We were going to walk to our new house, it was only around the block from our current house. We walked outside and took a look at our house. It had many flamingo-themed decorations and chimes hung up around it that were all making lots of noise and light. “Compared to our house, our neighbors house looks so dull and unsaturated,” I said while looking at the small blue and grey house next to ours. It was [our family-friend]’s house, they lived right next door. “Yeah, that’s probably because of all my decorations,” my mom said. We began walking down the street, watching the sun go down further and further, taking the light with it. We finally arrived at our new house, with only a bit of light left. “You stay here at this house tonight, I don’t want you walking back in the dark,” mom said, handing me some house keys. I nodded and took the keys. I pressed a button, and the garage door opened. Inside, I saw a small tent propped up in the middle. I walked inside and saw [my sister] and [her friends] all laughing inside of the tent. I climbed in and asked, “what are you all doing here?” And they responded, “sleepover!” I closed the garage door because I heard some strange noises outside, and talked with them a little while longer before falling asleep. That’s when I woke up. 

Introduction pt. 2

Maybe that wasn’t all.

I’ve just decided that this website is the perfect place to put my dreams. Stay tuned to find out if I actually follow through with that. I may not.

Yours truly, Zion.