My Dreams -Part 2

Dinosaur moments 🦖 (3/21/22)

It’s was mid day at [my middle school]. I was running around and shooting children with a water gun. I stumble upon [a boy from my class] leaning on the side of the middle school classroom and ask, “what are you doing here?” He quietly responds, “This isn’t an RPG, it’s real life. There’s dinosaurs.” I look up at the elementary classroom and find a huge T-Rex sitting on some bleachers, minding its own business. I shoot it (with a real gun). The T-Rex begins chasing me through the school as I run backwards, firing at it with all the skill I’ve got, which isn’t much. I suddenly fall into a swimming pool and begin swim practice. I suppose the T-Rex can’t swim, because it won’t follow me into the pool. I keep swimming for about 3 minutes, until I look up and see the big field by the pool shifting strangely. I stop and get out to take a closer look, only to find that the field is actually another dinosaur. It opens its mouth and tries to bite me, but I manage to avoid it somehow. It keeps moving around and shifting so I lose my balance, and roll everywhere like a dummy. Every time I get close to its mouth, I bounce in the other direction. It’s basically taunting me with death every few seconds, and that’s where the dream ends.